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  Salim Sidat  


Salim Sidat MBE- Chair  
Soli Priti Michelle Mohamed Ali
Suleman Khonat - Assistant Chair Priti Bhagat - Secretary Michelle Root - Assistant Secretary Mohammed A Lorgat - Treasurer
Akhtar Hussain Alan Root Alison Robinson Anisa Waka
Asif Sidat Carol Walsh Haroon Lorgat John Root
Lucinda Burrows Mohamed Yusuf Lorgat Shaheen Sange-Hussain Stephanie Brookfield
Tasleem Fazal      

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Launch night for ConnectUK.


Friday 20th March 2015 at 7:30pm at Jan's Conference Centre, Blackburn. Connect UK had their official Launch

Birth of our Mascot - 'Teddy'





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BBQ / Carwash

11th October 2015

Global Car Wash Blackburn