Salim Sidat MBE- Chairman

I am a councillor for Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. I am the elected member for the Audley area. Part of my duties includes being the Lead Member for the resources portfolio, Chair of Audit Committee.


I am also Exec Member for North West Employers and an independent advisor to Lancashire Constabulary. I am a founder member of ConnectUK and have been the Chair since 2013. I am very passionate in my charity work, ConnectUK has a pivotal role to play in community cohesion as well as the good charity work it does, ConnectUK have worked with a wide range of people from all backgrounds and communities, ConnectUK are strong believers in doing something out of kindness for someone you don’t know and expecting nothing in return.


How wonderful it is that nobody has to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful. The Ethos amongst our members is that we are very lucky to have what we do, millions would kill to have the life we live, it is time to give something back to others without expecting anything back.


2015/16 is going to be a good year for ConnectUK, we would love you to join us. If you speak to any of our fund raisers they will tell you about the great feeling you have when you have done something good, the feeling is something that money cannot buy.


At ConnectUK we are a family that work together, play together and have fun together, come and join our family.


“ We can’t help Everyone, BUT everyone can help someone”.



Salim Sidat