ConnectUK Mascot - 'Birth of Teddy'


Teddy logoOur Mascot - The Birth


Our Teddy was born on 5th March 2015 in Manchester. He was brought down to Blackburn by his guardians Michelle and Salim.


DOB: 5/3/2015

Name: TBC -'Teddy'

Height: 43cm

Weight: 283 grams (before eating)

Fur Colour: Heather Brown

Eye Colour: Gorgeous Brown

Belongs To: Connect UK family

ID: 0217950042084 (can't be used for opening bank accounts or seeking employment)


Photos of Teddy in the making.

Teddy with his family

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News :


Launch night for ConnectUK.


Friday 20th March 2015 at 7:30pm at Jan's Conference Centre, Blackburn. Connect UK had their official Launch

Birth of our Mascot - 'Teddy'





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