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"What unites us is greater than what divides us"



Creating a British society in which all communities are committed to a shared vision and common purpose, whilst valuing people’s diversity of background and circumstances.



Shared Opportunities - Creating the opportunities for people to develop strong and positive relationships within and between communities


Community Representation – Endeavour to represent the diversity of communities through acting as a critical friend for local and national institutions to enable the delivery of fair and inclusive service delivery to meet their socioeconomic needs


Develop Leadership - To develop the leadership capacity of people to enable them to shape their communities to achieve improved quality of life for all


Community empowerment - Encourage civic engagement of communities and people as a means to influence decision making at a local and national level


Tackle Intolerance - To speak out and stand up against any forms of intolerance or injustice towards any community or people from any sections of society


Raise Aspirations - To establish educational provision for people to improve their life chances and overcome socioeconomic limitations


Shared Goals – work in collaboration with a range of service delivery providers and organisations to improve communities, rather than independently.


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Launch night for ConnectUK.


Friday 20th March 2015 at 7:30pm at Jan's Conference Centre, Blackburn. Connect UK had their official Launch

Birth of our Mascot - 'Teddy'





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BBQ / Carwash

11th October 2015

Global Car Wash Blackburn