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"What unites us is greater than what divides us"


Connect uk was formed by the community for the community, the group had just delivered the acclaimed and successful ‘Foodbank Project’ which was praised not just throughout the UK by church leaders, but also leaders of the council, professional people, mosque leaders and community leaders. Most impressively picked up by 28 countries worldwide, the project was a big hit for the BBC presenter Nazia Mogra who had a very hit on Youtube.


The one thing we learned on the Foodbank project was that a number of men and women who were striving and working towards a common goal, building bridges, community cohesion and humanity purposes. We also found that it was not just the volunteers who wanted to achieve this, but the wider people in the community who were eager for us to do more projects throughout the year, people were approaching the volunteers asking them for the indigenous community to work along with the other groups and make a difference but, had no one to help them achieve this, with this in mind an idea had been born.


The group met after a delivery of the project and decided that we would get constitutionalised and form a group that is open to every person regardless of background, colour, religion, creed and most importantly their ethnicity and culture. We want to provide for the vulnerable, elderly, disabled and facilitate other organizations by work with the local council as well as other groups who would be able to deliver projects which required our assistance.


We want to educate the communities on all aspects of understanding each other, we want to work in education and health issues, police, NHS etc. However, there are no role models in Blackburn and feel that connection is lost with our youths. Therefore, we are rolling out our new project to alongside Blackburn Rovers, Council, Lancashire Constabulary as well as any other group that feels it wll be able to assist with our vision of the future. We want to make a difference.


Working for charity groups, we believe that a strong charity brand comes from strong beliefs and values. We have gained our identity and trust in the community that Connect uk volunteers are out there to deliver and make an impact to peoples lives. We have people who share our vision and goals.


Would you like to join us? We are seeking for volunteers who wish to make a difference, if that is you then contact us and join our databank of volunteers, supporters or even if you feel that you need assistance, feel free to join our group, we are happy to help those need help.


We are open to everyone who wishes to make someone feel special all for the sake of humanity, please contact us.


News :


Launch night for ConnectUK.


Friday 20th March 2015 at 7:30pm at Jan's Conference Centre, Blackburn. Connect UK had their official Launch

Birth of our Mascot - 'Teddy'





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